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Fantastic Achievement for Technical Services!

Adam Nguyen joined in April 2016, as Technical Services Assistant, receiving one to one mentoring from Department Head Tony Jackaman. Adam has rapidly become a valued member of the team, and we are delighted to advise he recently accomplished an impressive 100% score when he completed his technical assessment as part of his ITC Category 1 Thermographic course, which not only meets, but exceeds ISO 18436 and the ASNT SNTTC-1A standards.

Congratulations to Adam, on his achievement. Potential electrical faults generate excessive heat, for example faulty components and loose, oxidised or corroded connections. Thermal Imaging can be used to detect these faults. The technique is particularly valuable where plant breakdown would critically affect a business, i.e. a computer equipment room. At a more general level, many office power distribution systems are becoming more critical with greater reliance being placed on secure, reliable supplies.

As a fully qualified thermographic engineer Adam can now assist our team to provide, Thermal Imaging Services – delivering a real value adding service, maximising energy efficiency within your building.

For further details, please don’t hesitate to contact Tony or Adam on 020 7071 0734.