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New Electrical Safety Rules

In 2014 Jaguar Building Services Ltd carried out a review and update of their Electrical Safe Systems of Work for High and Low Voltage equipment. The aim of the review and update was to ensure the safety of anyone working on electrical equipment under our control and to ensure that we have complied with our responsibilities under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

JBS Ltd bespoke Electrical Safe Systems of Work rolled out in 2014 are:

• PO23 – JBS High Voltage Electrical Safety Rules
• PO24 – JBS Low Voltage Electrical Safety Rules

The rules are now being utilised across all our sites and this ensures all electrical isolations are thoroughly planned and implemented. This is especially important on shutdowns where we carry out own HV and LV switching operations and where isolation requirements are extremely complex.

Authorising Engineer (Electrical)
JBS Ltd have appointed an external, independent Authorising Engineer (Electrical) to ensure that our processes and documentation are suitable and sufficient. The Authorising Engineer (Electrical) carries out final assessment and appointment of HV & LV Authorised Persons.

Senior Authorised Persons (Electrical)
JBS Ltd have three in house Senior Authorised Persons (Electrical) that provide supervision & guidance to staff and ensure the rules are adhered to.

Training High Voltage
JBS HV Electrical Safety Rules allow for the completion of any recognised training course that has been approved by the Authorising Engineer. This includes AP15, HTM, or JSP courses. As we have a significant amount of people to train, we have agreed with Develop to utilise the AP15 HV AP Course, however we will be using Jaguar Building Services Ltd Electrical Safety rules and safety documentation and this course is called AP15 High Voltage Commercial – Jaguar.

Training Low Voltage
Low Voltage training courses are carried out in house by the Technical Assessor to provide competency certification.

• LV1 course - Proving dead.
• LV2 course - Radial and Final circuit isolation.
• LV3 course - Isolating complex electrical equipment.